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100% Plastic playing cards

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Our BRIDGE plastic playing cards are simply the best.

We produce the cards with a textured revers side, which creates a great hand feeling unlike the most plastic cards ( poker/casino cards ) which are smooth on both sides. Our cards don't wear off and won't become dirty, and we've solved the 3 S'; not Sticky, not Static & not Slippery. Due to the ageing bridge players we've introduced with great success 20% enlarged pips ( index ).The plastic playing cards are washable.

It's still a bridge card, see picture to compare with standard pips.

Our extremely durable cards have been tested See video link HERE.

While most of our competitors cards only lasted 2,000 deals, our cards were still running after being dealt 10,000 times. Our cards are the ultimate value for money.

We're proud of producing our cards for many Bridge Federations & Associations around the world.

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